Julie Smith

AZ Permanent Cosmetics Clinic

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251



I have had over 20 years of continuous training and experience in the cosmetic industry. 
Over 9000 of my satisfied clients from all over the world have had cosmetic and medically corrective procedures applied.


Permanent Cosmetics and related Certifications-Diplomas and Advanced classes: 

1979 Stuttgart/Germany                                 Aesthetician, Make-up Artist 

1982 Stuttgart/Germany                                 Diploma - Permanent Make-up training 

1989 Michigan /Perma Derm Academy          Certificate- Permanent Make-up training 

1991 Phoenix / Internationl School                  Diploma - Electro Muscle Stimulation 

1992 New York / Hollaè Methode Inc.           Diploma - Permanent Cosmetics Training Clinical Electropigmentologist  

1992 New York ACEP Charter Member        Certificate 

1992 Tucson & Scottsdale AZ                        Certificate - Advanced Training in

Hollaè Methode Inc.                               Camouflage-Scars, Areolas–vitiligo Alopecia and corrective procedures


1993 Scottsdale AZ / Valley Institute of         Certificate – Electrolysis                   


1993 – 2001 Better Business Bureau               Member in good standing 

1994 Phoenix, AZ /  HGM.                             Certificate – Laser Technician 

1995 Colorado / AHA                                     National CPCT Certification- Perm. Make-up 

1995 Phoenix AZ / Atwood Institute                Certificate – Registered Hypnotist 

1997 Rottach-Egern/Germany                         Diploma – Permanent Make-up Trainers License 

1999 Society of Permanent Cosmetics            Certificates of Membership


 2000 American Academy of                           Certificate of Associate Membership


2000 Phoenix Academy of Timeless                Certificate – Advanced Training Camouflage and

         Infusion                                                  Areola Repigmentation 

2001 Tucson, AZ / Permanent Make-up         Certificate – 16 hours of continuing education

          Society of Arizona seminar 

2001 Phoenix, AZ / Permanent Make-up         Board Member / Elected Director of Education

         Society of Arizona 

2001 National Cosmetic Tattooing                   Certificate- of Membership


2001 Phoenix, AZ / Jane Adler                       Certificate – Permanent Make-up Training – Softab 

2001 Phoenix, AZ / Jane Adler                       Certificate – Advanced Training - Softab 

2001 Tehachapi Mtn. Research                      Research study to detect Pathological Phenomenon

         Center                                                    during Micropigmentation  

2001 to                                                           Certificate-Blood Borne Pathogens-Az Safety &

2011                                                                Health Institute

                                                                        Annual Osha certification



* All credentials may be viewed in the clinic

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