Julie Smith, CEP, CRE








Julie Smith graduated with a degree in teaching from Stuttgart Berlitz College. 

To add to her career she decided to go back to school, into to the field of Esthetics

namely Make-up, Electrology, Skin care, Micropigmentation and later received

her instructor’s certificate.


Julie became a permanent United States citizen in 1974.


While perfecting her skills, she traveled extensively earning over a total of fifteen

degrees and diplomas in permanent cosmetics.  Among them Ms Smith graduated

as a certified registered Electropigmentologist, CEP.  Thereafter Ms Smith was certified by the Holla’e  Methode in Manhattan in a course of  advanced medical grade-scar camouflage  and  areola repigmentation.


Originally Ms. Smith was one of the three pioneering permanent cosmetics artists in Arizona.  Since 1983, her Scottsdale, Arizona Clinic has offered Electrolysis, Skin care,

Permanent  cosmetic training and certifications.  She has maintained an excellent reputation with her  Medical Restorative Make-up, which has earned her much recognition in local publications and television specials, with several awards and honors to her name. Specifically, voted Best of Beauty, for 4 years running.


Ms. Smith has set the standard for quality permanent cosmetics for the past 20 years.

As board elected Director of Education for the Permanent Make up Society of Arizona,

she continues to educate her peers by conducting workshops and seminars, keeping

abreast of the most advanced and safe techniques, in addition to upholding the ethics,

and integrity of this ever so popular industry.


Currently Ms. Smith is an active participant in a research study to detect Pathological

Phenomenon during Micropigmentation,  at Tehachapi Mountain Research Center in



Ms. Smith has joined the teams of Jeffrey M. Nelson, MD. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon,

in Tucson, AZ. And Heidi Regenass, MD. Plastic Surgery, in Glendale, AZ.

As always the local medical community continues to refer to her Permanent Cosmetic Clinic in Scottsdale.

Her public ,annual seminars are well recognized, her goal is to familiarize practicing Permanent Make-Up
technicians with the natural look, which Ms Smith is so famous for.
In addition, her help and support extends far beyond the seminar.  She encourages attendees to
observe difficult procedures in her clinic.
She is always available with advice for their more difficult cases.
Ms.Smith highly recommends that all permanent Make-up Technicians are certified by the AZ Safety and
Health Institute, with Osha standards and annual Blood borne Pathogen Training to be taken voluntarily

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