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Permanent eyebrows can provide symmetry and hide imperfections in your browline. Your eyebrows are first meticulously drawn on and adjusted until the perfect brow shape and size is found that is most flattering to your facial features.  A brow color pigment is then custom blended.  Once you are satisfied, the brows are applied permanently.



Permanent eyeliner is applied to meet the clients desired look.  A solid line is most common, however a soft lash enhancer can be achieved for the more conservative. By applying a thicker line the results can give a more dramatic look.  There are a variety of pigment colors to choose from.


Lipliner/Full lip color

Permanent lipliner and full lip color helps the lips look plumper and younger.  The colors that are used for lip lining mimic natural lip colors and are available in many shades.  The liner corrects asymmetry and adds definition and fullness.  We can reshape the lips to be fuller or thinner.  The line can be applied lightly or more heavily depending on the clients wishes.


Bilateral and Unilateral - especially appealing to cancer survivors.

Scar Camouflage

This technique is especially helpful for people that have suffered an injury or have alopecia or vitiligo.  Pigment is matched to the surrounding skin tone to hide any imperfections.




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